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Look and learn. That is how we train migraines away for good. Watching good brain operation and poor operation shows you what works well and what doesn't. During training we detect flurries of brain activity which are wasted mental energy. Neurofeedback will briefly interupt the sound and visual media. That's how self-training with a brain mirror works. It is utterly calming because it is such a relief to drop useless efforts. Brain strength training makes you more mentally radiant. Every session yields a hightened alert focus. Training is cumulative, safe, and enduring.

Migraine headache scenario

Stress and your reactions to stress over-activates your brain until something bends then breaks.  Your autonomic nervous system, brain stem and trigeminal nerve conspire to grind until they jolt your gut.  Then your defenses try to minimize the stranglehold as your head pounds and pounds.   For many hours or days the evil conspiracy holds until it fades to normal. 

It happens a little differently for everyone, but there is substantial similarity in the basics of the rusty ebb and flow of body rhythms and where in the brain those grinding wheels go off track. 

I specialize in a natural training procedure that shows you where and how to lubricate the way you transition between normal rhythms.   Too much fighting, without enough winning is an expensive way to operate your nervous system.  Too much trying to get very little done is an improvable situation.

Both brain strength training and mental energy conditioning give you stability and flexibility to your central nervous system.  You must do this exercise yourself with special equipment and a qualified trainer.  But after you have it, the lessons are self-reinforcing. 

I offer you a training boost so that you can self-regulate your stress and your reactions.   You can also dissolve emotional barriers, past traumas, mental blocks, and other impediments to managing your chaos effectively. 

Dont push the river, it flows by itself.  Fritz Perls.  

While this is true, it is not useful advice.  You cant usually get from here to there with just an attitude adjustment.  You need to do work on yourself, directly at the source.  The source is your central nervous system.  Without a mirror to see what you are doing, you may never change what you cannot detect. 

Train your migraines away. 

Migraines are caused by a weakness in stress regulation.  A fragile response leads to a gut wrenching reaction.  Then the stranglehold pounds the head for days. 

 Two kinds of biofeedback training end this cycle for good.  One is like strength training, the other is like aerobic cross training. 

 1)      Develop mental capacity by calmly focusing and observing the quality of your strengthening effort. We aim for some exhaustion, but no frustration. 

2)      Brain conditioning is like aerobic cross training for the brain.  The first goal is resilience.  You are led to improve your functioning by clearly seeing you when you are using your brain well.  Then we add flexibility feedback training so you can see when your adaptive strategies are most effective.

3)      Biofeedback means you see what works well as you are doing it better. We continuously monitor 16 brain targets simultaneously and provide rich multi-media feedback. 

4)      Your central nervous system absorbs what works best, orients, and renormalizes to the current optimum strategies for greatest efficiency. 

5)      With adequate efficiency, we add flexibility targets for more adaptive choices and greater effectiveness. 

Brain strength training alone works for 94% of clients.  We either end the migraine cycle completely or cut the pain in half.  All degrees of results are enduring. 

Non-invasive.  Training sessions last 20-40-60 minutes or longer, 1-3 times a week or more.  It is a pleasant and interesting experience.  Side effects may include better sleep, greater calm, and more alertness. 

Call now for access to both biofeedback training machines.  Gary Ames, Psychologist, 610.668.3223.

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