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Migraine remedy.

How to end migraine pain? Is their a method which is safe, simple, effective? There is now.

Headache LadyLearning to end migraine pain.
What is it? How does it work?

A migraine alternative you can live with.
A new biofeedback method works quickly for over 90% of those who suffer from migraines. When it works, it can work completely to relieve all migraine symptoms ... and it keeps on working. At worst, people only achieve 50% pain relief.

Biofeedback is training to Aim Your Brain to heal yourself. Biofeedback means you 'look' at your brain's natural output and learn to vary that output. I will place a headband on you that merely reads your ongoing functioning and shows that to you. For 50 years we've known that if you can see continuous bio-output, you can learn to control it.

Everyone quickly 'gets' how to regulate their own brain's activity. In 20-30 minute sessions you will direct your increase cellular activity in the frontal cortex.  This enbables the migraine brakes to work better.  You just look, learn, and begin to direct your bio-process to exactly the right spot to improve yourself. This is training. I do coaching with a special bio-mirror.

  • Safe. (First do no harm). This is one of the safest things you will do all week long.
  • Simple. Some studies show that 6 sessions lasting 30 minutes is sufficient, some people benefit from more. A brief pleasant course and then done for good. 
  • Effective. Yes, there is research, but never enough. This is a breakthrough method based on a proven biofeedback model. The best case is a 10+ degree of pain to become zero pain within 20 minutes. (10+ is greater than the unmediated pain of childbirth).
    1. at least 50% reduction in the volume of pain, or,
    2. 50% improvement in a realm of life, such as marriage, family or career.
    3. Most clients are migraine free. 
  • Certain. No fee if there is no help.
  • Enduring. Pills generally work while they are in your bloodstream. This method is good for the rest of your life.


  • This is NOT invasive or unpleasant. You are NOT subjected to discomfort.
  • This is NOT a scam. This is NOT a drug, a pill, an herb, mineral, or nutriceutical.
  • There is NOT hypnosis, magic, hokum, ESP, or mumbo-jumbo.
  • You do NOT have become 'more like me'. You do NOT have to believe anything at all. Nothing goes into your head except the sight and sound of biofeedback information.
  • My primary coaching instruction to you will be: "Relax, concentrate, let the video play." You can choose the film.
  • I will NOT heal you or 'do' anything to you. All 'doing' is done by you, for you. I merely arrange to hold and adjust the mirror. You will learn to aim your brain. We will negotiate the rate of biofeedback applause for success. (If between 50-90% applause, I'll let you win the negotiation.)
  • I can't call this a cure because migraines are a genetically inherited neurological disorder. But complete symptom relief (or adequate relief) is his common experience. Some less successful clients describe the pain as being more spongy or more controllable.
  • Please do NOT suffer needlessly.

What It IS

Neurofeedback, in general, is remarkably safe and effective for numerous disorders, there are hundreds of peer-reviewed journal articles. The largest literature is for ADHD in children.

This technology will become available as a home training unit. They aren't cheap and may require working with a professional.

Biofeedback is usually described as either pleasant or interesting. Just as with hand temperature, if you can see some bio-output, you can learn to control it.

The blood perfusion biofeedback has you increase the blood flow at the frontal cortex behind the forehead. This is different from forehead skin temperature training.  Exercising this most human part of your brain is like aerobic training. It seems to help everything that the brain mediates, especially what it inhibits. The side effects are better sleep, finer speech articulation, less mental chatter, etc.

The theory behind both these kinds of biofeedback methods is that the brain does not adequately self-stop over-reaction. I think of it as the nerve & vessel faucet gets stuck on with no one trained to turn it off. These new, experimental, methods which are not completely proven to the scientific community, purport to calm the brain by strengthening the brain's own ability for self-regulation.

Migraines go away by increasing the brain's skill or capacity. It allows the inhibitory mechanisms to become un-stuck and complete normal feedback loops.

The research and clinical experience says this really works very well. It works quickly, easily, substantially, and the benefits are maintained. Call Gary Ames - 610-668-3223.

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