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End Migraine Pain - Explained

What it is and is not. Effects and side-benefits.

End Migraine Headache Pain

A new biofeedback breakthrough relieves migraine pain. I will offer a non-drug method to quickly reduce the severity, frequency and duration of migraine pain by 50-100%. By 100%, I mean migraine-free, for the rest of your life.

One method involves biofeedback of the blood perfusion level (saturation) behind your forehead at the frontal cortex.

If you have a migraine when we start, within 10 minutes you will know if your migraine headache pain is going away. If so, you are one of the 94% of those who can reduce or eliminate their migraine headaches forever.

Whether you have a headache now or not doesn't matter. But half of my clients with migraine headaches, experience substantial relief from pain at the end of a session. At worst, the remaining discomfort goes away over the next several few hours. It is important to get a good nights sleep after a training session. Drink plenty of water.

If you begin now, you many never have another migraine. This is non-invasive, not a pill. Not a chemical, no voodoo, no mumbo-jumbo.

I would not raise false hopes, yet I cannot keep this new method a secret. There are scientific journal articles in press, but the results of practioners are very clear now. What really counts is: Will it work for you? I'm betting yes.

The equipment is so light, that I can come to your home or office. I will place a headband on you that merely reads your normal bio-output. Then I will coach you, to train yourself. This consists of looking at a display and aiming your brain to get the positive biofeedback results.

There is no explanation of how to aim your brain in the right direction, but with feedback, everybody can 'get it' within minutes. When you are 'on target' you can see the numbers go up. I use a DVD movie to indicate when you are aiming your brain in the right direction. When you're off target, a sensitive digital display shows you the way back. That's it.

After you absorb the first training, you will know if you want more. Most people do. I want to track your progress in the short term and long term.

Other effects

The primary side effect of training is some tiredness or general exhaustion. Other negative side effects are rare, minor, and generally go away after a good nights sleep. Training regrets are non-existent. No one ever wants to reverse training effects.

Good side benefits are common. Even with no migraine pain now, hoping for some side benefits is a valid reason to do training. These include: better sleep, mental clarity, physical coordination, interpersonal intimacy, more charisma, etc. You may have reduced anxiety and a lifting of depression. But none of these can be guaranteed. Whether you get a side benefit, or which one will occur for you is the most unpredictable part of training.

Some kind of extra benefit should NOT be UNexpected. A side benefit is always benign. Nobody says that they preferred the sleep, speech articulation, eyesight, memory, etc. that they had prior to training. Nobody would want to go back, nor can we. People seem to obtain a specific set of benefits resulting from a general system balancing, improved resilience to stay on course, and more dynamic range or flexibility in functioning. Brain training is brain brightening and improving efficiency of the central nervous system.

This is NOT the hand temperature biofeedback that has been used effectively for migraine headaches for 20 years. It is faster and more certain than that. Nothing goes into you head, but for information.

This is NOT an attitude adjustment. You don't even have to believe anything I say. This IS biofeedback training. My equipment will read your normal output and show it to so that you can learn. My primary instruction to you will be: "Allow the movie to play." Most of the time it will play. You can choose the DVD.


The only exclusion is for those with certain multiple severe symptoms. Some psychoses such as bi-polar will complicate my gathering results. Some chronic pain conditions such as RTS and fibromyalgia are too complex for this treatment alone. 

Normal depression, chronic anger, anxiety, insomnia, and attentional issues are not reasons for exclusions. These problems often respond very well to the normal training approach.

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