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Autism research thread

Discussion of autistic research.

>I'm interested in application of biofeedback techniques to the

>treatment of autistic spectrum conditions. …


>There is a lot of discussion around LENS and pRoshi. I've also seen

>Rob Coben's presentation about coherence training that reduces mu

>oscillations, but it sounds that otherwise there are very few

>published results.


>I would be very grateful if someone better familiar with the subject

>could give an overview of the facts.





Simon: To date there is not a lot published with autism (a couple of

articles, which you can find the references to at www.isnr.org in the

Comprehensive Bibliography on neurofeedback that I compiled some

years ago, and periodically update). Neurofeedback is certainly not

a cure for autism, but most of us find that we can usually obtain

significant improvements in symptoms.


Prof. Cory Hammond




Wed Oct 18, 2006 7:19 am (PST)

Simon, there are few published results because there are few researchers

able to afford to do the studies that would then be published in mainstream

journals. If you have an interest this is a fertile field for research and

needs people with curiosity and NIH funding track record, is this you? I

certainly hope so for all of us.


My own study of austistic spectrum was with children in a charter school in

Philadelphia and the results were compelling in terms of increased IQ,

decreased disruptive behaviors and more prosocial behavior as well as grade

improvement in reading and math and handwriting improvement in two children.


Marvin Berman, Ph.D.



Re: Treatment of autism

Posted by: "robcoben@optonline.net" robcoben@optonline.net   robcoben

Wed Oct 18, 2006 8:09 am (PST)

Simon,There have now been four group-controlled studies involving neurofeedback and autism that have either been published or presented at national conferences.You may find information on them at: http://www.thebrainlabs.com/conditions.shtml under the autism section. Once you take a look at these I would be happy to answer anymore questions you might have.  Rob



Re: Treatment of autism

Posted by: "Sandy Ackerman" sgackerman@sbcglobal.net   moonlightbeachsandy

Wed Oct 18, 2006 10:13 am (PST)



While this does not address the immediacy of your circumstances, we are

pursuing NIH research to address autism. There have been two recent papers

published reflecting unusually high rates of epileptiform activity only

during sleep. Dr. Sterman is a pioneer in this field and well published in

peer-reviewed journals regarding epilepsy and neurofeedback and sleep

research. We will be exploring this association further as Dr. Sterman,

Professor Emeritus,UCLA School of Medicine, has both the track record and

credentials to succeed in obtaining NIH funding. We also recently met with

the lead autism researchers at UCLA who will be collaborating with us. In

particular, there are some very interesting fMRI studies underway that we

plan to correlate with our QEEG studies. We believe this integrated,

collaborative approach will lead to meaningful therapeutic interventions.




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