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Bucks Co. Autism slides

Text content of PowerPoint slides I presented at Bucks County Autism Conference.

Treat Autism at the Source with Neurofeedback:
Effective, Quick, and Flexible


Try My Toys

•      Temp.  Hold blue bulb or Hand over sensor. 

–                 Prefer higher numbers to find relaxation.

•      EmWave.  Get pulse. Breathe with lights.

–     Red > Blue > Green,

•      Stress Eraser.  Make smooth waves.  Triples.

•      pRoshi.  Flashing glasses. 

–   Eyes closed.  Adjust round knob.  Flip toggle.

–   Treadmill for the brain. Respond to chaos challenge.


Treat autism at the source with neurofeedback: effective, quick, and flexible

•      Replicated, controlled research proving substantial treatment effects with neurofeedback. 

•      Results have up to p>.001 significance on all measures. 

•      They document a 40% reduction in all symptoms across the board.

•      Success rates are 90%.


Treat autism at the source with neurofeedback: effective, quick, and flexible

•      Neurofeedback is brain self-training to treat autism at the source.

•      Reverse the mechanism of action of a diagnostic marker at the site of the disorder. 

•      Broad symptom relief is substantial and permanent and corellated with marker. 

•      Pleasant, natural, non-invasive, no drugs, no adverse reactions. 

•      Some neurofeedback methods can be used in the home, community and school.


Treat autism at the source with neurofeedback: effective, quick, and flexible

•      What does biofeedback and neurofeedback feel like?

•      How tightly linked are autistic symptoms and brain wave patterns?  Hint: r=.87

•      Learn about various EEG training approaches.

•      What are the brain wave coherence issues we repair with neurofeedback?

•      How can you gain biofeedback control over regional cerebral blood flow?  

•      Hear about cases of complete remission from autism. 

•      Get an update on the autism and neurofeedback research.

•      Discover how easy it is to do training in your office, home or school.


Neurofeedback training

Biofeedback – Neurofeedback – Neurotherapy

•      In biofeedback, biological information is fed back to you.  You look into a behavioral mirror and learn to influence the variations.  Aim, reach, stretch.  > Range, flexibility.

•      Neurofeedback feeds back neurological information – EEG or HEG.  Learning, exercise, maturation.

•      Feedback can be numbers, lights, tones, games, or modulations in any DVD. 

•      The client just watches their favorite movies which occassionally dims or pause briefly until the brain is working better.  If you can see it, you can control it. 

•      Neurotherapy or Neuromodulation is adding energy to the brain: i.e. 

•      CES (alpha-stim), LENS, Roshi, NeuroField, VNS, rTMS.


How is EEG neurofeedback done?

Neurotherapist Screen

Brain Wave
Amplitude & Frequency

Neurofeedback client screen

Brain Self-Regulation

Brain Self-Regulation

The consious mind is the last to know.

Neuro - factoids


  Electrophysiological studies provide direct support of the "functional  underconnectivity" theory of autism.


Autistic Brains

•      In autism we see big spikes of intensity in slow brain waves.  

•      There are also disturbances in communication between sites within the brain. 

•      Hypoconnectivity = hyper independence. 

•      Everybody is shouting;
nobody is listening.


Z-Score training early

Z-Score training later

2004 Hervey Bay school-based neurofeedback pilot project


ASD pilot study

Pilot study results: percentage of improvement on ATEC

HEG research

Nir HEG research

HEG research

HEG research - Results

EEG research

Combined research

Case of SL

SL - EO Pre and Post

SL - EC Pre and Post

 3 Mom’s Report

•      Eric went back to school today and his behavior was SOOO CALM!!!  Eric had 0 incidents of inappropriate touching, 0 tantrums, 0 time outs and went along with everything in school.

•      Aaron is a different kid.  I could cry.  It’s a miracle.  He’s excited to go to school.

•      Of all the different treatments Susan has received, neurofeedback is the only one that really worked.

Join me. 
Please compete against me.


•       Anybody can do biofeedback.  You need a license to advertise treatment of conditions.

•       Educational or theraputic.  Home, school, office.

•       Costs $1800 - $10,000 to get up and running.  Learning curve varies widely depending on system.  

•       ISNR.org  International Society of Neurofeedback and Research

•       AAPB.org Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback

•       NRBS.org NorthEast Regional Biofeedback Society

•       PABiofeedback.org Pennsylvania Society for Biofeedback and Behavioral Medicine.

•       Yahoo groups.  News groups – email club.  Search neurofeedback. 

Join me. 
Please compete against me.

•      www.pocket-neurobics.com
        stand alone, PC or wireless.

•      www.BrainMaster.com, Diverse options, Z-Score.

•      www.zengar.com – NeuroCARE – NeurOptimal. 

•      www.SmartBrainGames.com uses Nintendo or X-Box.

•      www.PlayAttention.com—single channel, helmet

•      www.bio–medical.com Various.

•      Others: Stens, ThoughTechnology

•      QEEG


•      ·  www.OchsLabs.com LENS  Low Energy NF System.

Healing Gadgets
Entry level biofeedback

•      Stress Thermometer – Temp.

•      www.WildDivine.com  GSR & HRV

–  www.SomaticVision.com GSR & HRV

•      www.HeartMath.com HRV

•      www.StressEraser.com HRV

•      www.Alpha-Stim.com   CES www.HealthPax.com 

•      E-Z Air www.BFE.org Free breath pacer.


Heart Rate Variability

•      Tic-toc ≠ Lub-dub   RSA

•      HRV is well established marker for health and well-being.

•      3 ways to maximize HRV now.

–  Breath pacer, biofeedback, feel the love.

•      A resonance frequency in the body where heart rate occilations are in coherent phase with breathing rhythm.


Builds Stress Resilience

•      More harmonious relations at work.

•      Athletes win more games.

•      Performing artists do better on stage.

•      Students do better on stressful tests.

•      Police can run fast and then shoot straight.

•      High blood pressure normalizes.

Calm CNS

Treat Autism at the Source with Neurofeedback:
Effective, Quick, and Flexible

Gary Ames, MA, MBA.  Licensed psychologist.
Private practice specializing in neurofeedback since 2003.
ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, insomnia, migraine, seizures, TBI, etc.
“My clients get off meds”.
Executive Director, Behavior Analysis & Therapy, BHRS in Montgomery County and MH agency.
Gary Ames
28 Rock Hill Road, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
610.668-3223, Gary Ames@AlertFocus.com

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Bucks Co. Autism slides

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