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You won't be able to say what you learned in training today.

What do you tell people about your biofeedback training session? Do and don't say...

You Won't Be Able to Say
What You Learned in Training Today

Successful people only need a certain amount of new data that can be learned in a classroom. Too many words and too much information is part of the problem.

Alert Focus trainers are not going to inspire you to 'be like me' or entice you to know all that we know. We have a few subtle and powerful skills to impart that provide enduring and pervasive benefits.

There is ample research to prove diverse wellness and performance benefits in learning 'to get better at being you'physiologically. The right physiological skills becomes mental-emotional abilities, which becomes greater understanding of people, and even becomes more resonant leadership.

When asked about your Alert Focus training session, don't even try to explain. If you must say something, try to get away with:
"Uh some kind of stress reduction with biofeedback. It was neat."

Do not say: "We used biofeedback to learn self-awareness for better unconscious control of our autonomic nervous system and neural capacity. I'm expecting gains in emotional intelligence." Repeat: Do not say that. It's best to just say, "I'll get back to you in a month or so. Hopefully by then, you can tell me."

Alert Focus does not teach you new knowledge in the ordinary sense. There is no equivalent in another media. There is a logical progression of skills, but all biofeedback is self-paced learning. Trying harder doesn't help. Regular and consistent practice works very well to achieve myriad wellness and performance benefits.

The time commitment is from zero to 1 hour a week. It can be zero time is some weeks because you can practice certain skills while doing other things. Such as tension awareness while eating or breathe concentration while driving, or the Alert Focus technique while in meetings. The more successful you are, the larger the economic benefit.

Both subtle and powerful. It's all done with special mirrors.

We offer a way to learn to be your best. Even Olympic Athletes and Super Bowl winners can learn to use their own bio equipment more efficiently and effectively. West Point is not in California. These pros like the precision of concentration and mental toughness that biofeedback yields.

Do you really believe your nervous system, stress mechanisms, and brainwaves, are all tuned to their optimal settings? Don't worry, we will not tune them for you. That's your job. We just know how to provide the special awareness mirrors for productive learning.

Sometimes you need to hear and learn along with everyone else. That is not what we do.

You can't improve what you can't see. So we have you just watch yourself doing what you do and learn. We show you special kinds of biofeedback mirrors so you can gain control through awareness. We'll also guide and monitor progress. We have a progression of tools, or biofeedback monitors that are best done in a certain order. The next kind of training depends on the last results. Very self-paced, but not all one-on-one.

We believe if you needed to know something, you would just find out and have it. That is also true for biofeedback awareness. A successful conclusion to a module occurs after a conversation about what is still possible and whether you feel you have sufficient awareness and control.

Elementary biofeedback skill challenge

Do want to take the challenge exam to see if haven't already mastered this skill? Okay, ready?. Here goes.
Within 60 seconds, voluntarily raise the temperature in your left hand.

How did you do?

So what? Precise and continuous feedback of certain physiological processes leads to self-regulation of the stress cycle. One of the best ways to cool yourself down is by warming up your hands. This reverses the fight flight response. Blood flow to extremities is both a predictor of change in stress and a way to exert control over stress levels. Within 60 seconds for the well-trained. It does not take long to acquire this skill, but you do need practice with biofeedback tools until you get it. And then you have it. Occasional booster sessions are optional.

This is traditional biofeedback. There are two other kinds of biofeedback control with much stronger benefits: heart rate variability and neurofeedback.

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