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Quotes of participants in peak performance training.

With EEG training we can directly train the brain to improve levels of concentration, decision-making skills and our creative problem solving ability.


Health Service Manager.

"I used to find myself exhausted at the end of the day and I woke frequently in the night. After the very first neurofeedback session, I noticed an unfamiliar feeling, like a box was opening inside me, and my thoughts were really clear. As the sessions went on, I learnt to recognize this state and can now turn it on when I need it. It's had an enormous effect on my work. I'm more efficient, and my job seems to take up less emotional energy. As a result, I feel more confident, and people have more confidence in me. What's more, my sleep patterns have improved dramatically."

Marketing Director

John wanted to train himself and key members of his divisional team in preparation for an expanded potential role for his team. He had to show that the performance of himself and his team was at a level that the MD would select John and his team for the expanded role rather than a competing division.

John is learning to enhance his decision-making and executive skills by improving his mental clarity, knowing when to take control and when to delegate. Similarly John is learning to manage his work load upwards so that he knows how much fire-fighting to do on behalf of his superiors. Using better judgement he is learning to manage his workload more effectively, knowing when to take on fire-fighting projects whilst achieving his divisional objectives.

In the face of competing demands he is learning to improve his ability to prioritize, think ahead and for his different achievements to be recognized and valued.

Company Law Specialist

Tony started training to attain peak mental fitness for a higher management position that is part of his longer term career objectives.

Tony wished to be able to concentrate better when wading through heavy legal documents without his attention drifting away and at the same time coping with the frequent distractions of his team and allowing him to maintain his open door style of management.

"My concentration really seemed improved even during a busy day. I was taking in written information well and my memory felt good. My mind felt clear and organized. I used to have to sleep on problems but now I find I am able to see a clear solution more quickly."

EEG Neurofeedback Training: Some Quotes

Many people who have undergone EEG Neurofeedback treatment have found that as well as their mental state improving, they can achieve higher states of performance in whatever sport they might take part in. Here are a few of their comments on how EEG Neurofeedback has improved their performance.

"James' improved concentration has helped him to accelerate his learning, speed and stamina in swimming. He pays better attention to instructions....."

James's swimming instructor

"After receiving neurofeedback treatment my concentration improved, I swam faster had more stamina and felt my muscles were more powerful...."

Alex F

"Whilst receiving neurofeedback treatment my running improved greatly and I was placed 1st and 2nd position, whereas last year I was not selected for the team. During the treatment my concentration, co-ordination and physical stamina had reached its peak. In one race I started off better than usual but felt myself slowing down half way through the race and I could see the other boys were catching up. I tried harder as I normally would but this time I found myself speeding away to the finishing line. I was amazed that I could quicken my pace again and won the race......"


"Whilst doing neurofeedback treatment I found my running speed got faster, with both my cross country and track events for my athletic club. I enjoy running but up until now I did not think I could better my time. Now, I feel I am more confident and motivated about my running and competing......."


"I played my best ever first nine, I was able to be free with my drive and not think about it too much, which I had not been able to do before......"



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