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For less stress, learn to drive your mind in the middle of the lane.

Over-steering is corrected with lane markers. There is less stress in the middle of the lane.

When people learn to drive a car, they tend to over-steer and over-correct.  Some highways have lane markers, those shiny bumps on the lines.  When you have lane markers you know when you are steering okay. 

When we monitor brainwaves, we see excess surges and volatility that are too subtle for the unaided mind to notice.  So I put on a sensor that reads your brain's activity and my computer plays your favorite music.   The music plays when you are driving your mind within the middle of the lane.  When you go outside the lines the music pauses briefly while you get back on track.  So, you are controlling the playing or pausing of the music with your mind.

My job is to adjust the width of all 16 lanes that I monitor so the music is playing most of the time.  As your driving instructor, I make sure you are gaining skill in becoming calm and steady.  

Being able to stay in the middle of the mental lane makes the road of life less bumpy.  You are further from the ditch.  The training also helps in doing fancy maneuvers.  New bike riders meander and wobble as they go.  Experienced riders are straight and steady. 

Training brainwaves is an excellent way to influence the nervous system.  Drugs have side effects.  Talking about what you have done isnt very close to improving the way you operate now.  Brainwave training always results in better functioning. 

Brainwave biofeedback is exercise that optimizes your mind-body.  There are many individual benefits, but everybody feels more physically relaxed and mentally sharp.  Better quality sleep is also a reported by most people. 

With each session of brainwave biofeedback the useful lessons are unconsciously absorbed and adopted.  The benefits in your life appear gradually and last for good.

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Copyright 2004, Gary Ames
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