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Organizational Performance with Biofeedback

Alert Focus is a training and coaching firm that provides biofeedback directly to employees, such as salespeople and executives.

The Performance Zone . . .

Alert Focus is a training and coaching firm that provides biofeedback directly to employees, such as salespeople and executives. Migraine headaches are another practice specialty.

Specific biofeedback training improves the underlying capacity for excellence.

Our biofeedback training in self-awareness leads to improved self-regulation of functioning. The benefits that follow are fundamental improvements in performance, health, and productivity.

In business, The Zone is emotional intelligence. Greater awareness of feelings leads to more skill in emotional regulation. This naturally improves relationships. Being in The Zone amplifies the impact and quality of leadership.

The results in organizations directly impact wellness, individual performance and group productivity. These benefits become better costs, quality, yield, or profits. Where would fundamental capacity improvements from being in The Zone first show up in your organization?

Alert Focus

We come to you for biofeedback training. First we explain to individuals or groups the purpose and describe our process. We want to know your goals and measures of success. Training is the key. We build in support to ensure compliance for learning to occur.

Biofeedback training consists of watching a special 'mirror' to see what you are doing naturally. Sensors and computers provide constant feedback. Learning is focused on most critical precursors of excellence. With support and coaching we monitor progress and integrate new abilities. It's all about improving each person and focusing on business goals. Trainees keep the lasting benefits by living in The Zone.

With biofeedback training, Alert Focus shows you The Zone - your inner state of optimum performance. Soon you are working with ease and ample energy ... applying superb competence to achieve much more consistent success.

After you find The Zone, you learn how to stay there, live there. After you've 'got it' and can keep it, you are working at your best, without strain, and doing all aspects of your life with greater calm, energy, and assurance. Greater success follows.

The improvements in performance, productivity and wellness are measurable. The changes are subtle, but also dramatic. It is always completely safe because you are just watching yourself. The training experience is typically described as either interesting or pleasant. Would you like to experience biofeedback?

Emotional Intelligence

Awareness of your own feelings and skill in regulating your emotions is a fundamental skill. With biofeedback, this is a trainable skill. It is the most sure and efficient way to improve emotional intelligence because it works at the core level with objective data and immediate feedback.

This self-skill increases the ability to develop better people skills. More emotional intelligence is better for everyone. Teams work more harmoniously together … communication is less cluttered … all manner of distractions subside.

The greatest economic impact of AlertFocus biofeedback training and improved emotional intelligence, is for those who lead others or persuade them. Who would you start with?

Heart Rate Variability

In one kind of biofeedback, we simply monitor your heart beat. The biofeedback program calculates the intervals between beats. Ideally, the heart rate gently increases with each inhalation and slows during exhalations by 10 to 40%. Often, less than a 5% range means, you can't even feel how stressed you are.

Biofeedback training is focused on sensing and learning to produce a more regular dynamic heart rhythm with each breath. Then, to do it so often it becomes natural. So natural, that improved rhythms occur during sleep. As your heart beat rhythm becomes more regular or coherent, then more body systems join in. That is called entrainment. It's like everybody rowing together. All kinds of wonderful things happen to your health, mind, and emotions.

A coherent heart beat sends a pure message that your body and brain follow and entrains your whole system into sync. This improves your personal inner harmony and increases your fundamental capacity to perform. The effects transfer to all realms of life and all aspects of work.

As learning becomes integrated, the benefits become obvious. You can tell that something good is occurring. Improving the entrainment of your inner coherence just feels better. You don't need to know that you are more efficiently balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of your autonomic nervous system. You don't need to know that mental, hormonal, and other physiologic systems are increasingly resonant. But you can feel it, and know that health feels good.

Mental Focus and Attention Training

We also use another kind of biofeedback to tune up the inner executive, the Central Nervous System.

This computer-based awareness and feedback training directly improves the brain's capacity for mental concentration. Again, always safe. Clients become more alert and aware with a greater ability for focus, memory, and creativity.

Many salespeople improve their ability to organize themselves, follow through on priorities and complete paperwork. Executives appreciate the improved ability to learn and solve complex problems. Who doesn't want the ability to summon greater stamina and concentration? What would you do with this new power?


We coach employees weekly to monitor learning and apply their growing capacities toward business goals.

There is no mumbo-jumbo in our seminars. We provide clear explanations during one-on-one sessions. We offer plain and tested procedures at your place of business.

Would you like a free personal demonstration in your business?

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