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A bio-mental fitness gym at Hillenbrand Industries is a big hit. Biofeedback and neurofeedback is ordered for the second tier of executives after spledid results.

There is as Peak Performance Center at Hillenbrand Industries located in Batesville, Indiana, between Cincinnati and Indianapolis. 

This Fortune 1000 healthcare company has created a Peak Performance Center as part of their leadership development program.  It was patterned after the program at the Center for Enhanced Performance at the United States Military Academy at West Point, the nation's largest performance enhancement center, which was started in 1989 by the Director of the Hillenbrand PPC, retired Colonel Louis Csoka, Ph.D.

The top 22 executives at Hillenbrand Industries have all completed a 20 session program, on hour long session per week, which included training on the Freeze Framer (heart rate variability); respiration, EMG (muscle relaxation), and skin conductance biofeedback (GSR), followed by EEG (electroencephalagraph) training to enhance concentration.  The executives participated in five one-hour sessions of EEG Training, consisting of individual coaching including a wideband suppression protocol (a lack of wasteful bursts at all frequencies).  

In the first and the last session, they were tested by measuring how long they could concentrate and hold all EEG levels below 30 microvolts.  During the pre-test, the first trial averaged 19 seconds, ranging from 10 to 40.  The first trial in the post test was more than twice as long, 44 seconds, with the range running from 25 to 65 seconds.  The average duration of the best trial per session almost doubled from 65 seconds at the pre-test to 128 seconds at post test.  The ranges were 18 to 180 and 48 to 220, respectively.

This is clear evidence of very rapid learning.  Response to the program was overwhelmingly positive.  It produced notable improvements in their ability to attend in crucial meetings, engage in critical performance appraisals with employees, and deliver exceptional presentations.  These executives, particularly the CEO, have returned voluntarily for many additional sessions and the program is being expanded to 39 more executives. Hillenbrand has purchased Freeze Framers and Peak Achievement Trainers for their top executives.  Their CEO and Dr. Csoka are writing an article for Harvard Business Review.  The Peak Performance Center is expanding and looking for new personnel.

Neurofeedback for peak performance is approaching a critical mass.


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