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Biofeedback for Coaching Clients

Adding biofeedback to your work with clients is a catalyst for growth.

Biofeedback as a Catalyst of Emotional Intelligence

Use biofeedback to accelerate change when working with a client. 

You prefer to use a mirror when putting your hair in place.  A photo or a comment doesnt work as well.  Biofeedback is self-learning with a kind of mirror. 

If you have a special mirror to see your heart rate variability (HRV) or brainwaves, then you can put them in place too.  HRV is not just heart rate.  HRV is the pattern of time variance between each heart beat.  There is a lot of good science that simply says this one measure is a great predictor of health and wellness.  It is also a great point of leverage.  Learning dynamic HRV produces health and leads to broad wellness benefits. 

Your HRV varies all the time.  By watching what you are currently doing, seeing constant changes occur, you learn something.  With some more time watching, aiming, changing, learningyou naturally upgrade your wellness.  The pace of change is individual and natural. 

In case your skepticism wont wait.  Everything Im discussing is safe, effective, and doable.  It is not too expensive, and there are no tough barriers to integrating this into your practice.  You can prove it to yourself in any search engine.  Use HRV, neurofeedback and any other term. 

The results to health, effectiveness, productivity and the experience of personal well being are legion.  There is solid research of myriad benign results with all kinds of people in all types of institutions, worldwide.   

After a session at the spa, with a massage, you look and feel much better.  For a while. 

Biofeedback provides enduring benefits.  Benefits kept for life.  After you learn the skills that biofeedback offers, you have more than a skill.  You have a change of state for the better.  In biofeedback, you find a more efficient pattern, then consolidate the lesson internally.  You get it, set it, and can forget it.  This kind of upgrade or tune-up is not lost, it is running on automatic.   

Some may want an occasional biofeedback refresher, but, unlike the spa, the benefits do not fade.  Once you feel a healthier biological state, and you have the skill to get there you just get it.  And youve got it.  Fundamentally.  For good.   

The rhythms of biofeedback reverberate from the heart to the head and back again in the program Ive designed.  The body wisely chooses to accept health.  Again, you just cant hurt yourself by watching what you are doing.  If you could, we would know it. 

Just as when children grow, integration of new capabilities or capacity is natural.  There are delightful discoveries.  Getting your heart and mind in tune, can be a paradigm for coaching.  But it need not be.  Your choice.   

Biofeedback is a catalyst for positive change.  Self-regulation of heart and mind rhythms are the keys to powerful benefits.  There is no risk, but it does take time to learn.  Seeing and tuning these rhythms only upgrade the quality of life.   Stress resiliance, coping with change, coming into balance, are typical reports of HRV biofeedback results.  Next add neurofeedback for mental balance. 

The kinds of benefits coaches will see within one day, week, month or months are:

        Clients get past stuck;  Relieve frustrations;  Heal some bio/mental tolerations.

        Accelerated coaching progress; More profound impact from coaching;  Expand the realms of concern; Discuss more challenging issues at a higher level.

        Upgraded coaching conversations; Less disappointment and whining;  More applying expanded capacities to goals.

        Wouldnt you rather talk about integrating new abilities or what to do with more successes? 

Biofeedback does that.  All that.  Getting the heart and mind in rhythm, in congruence, in harmony promotes growth in emotional intelligence.  Much of coaching is about improving self-regulation.  Biofeedback is a catalyst for emotional intelligence.  

I believe emotional intelligence is:  

        Expanded awareness of self and others;

        Positive, Optimistic; Enthusiastic; Truthful;

        Improved empathy and relationship skills;

        Saliency and incisiveness (clearly nail the point);

        Frequent Peak Performance being in the zone  connected, flowing, performing at your best.  Self-regulation is getting in the zone, staying in the zone longer, and finding it again when lost.  Optimum performance is living in the zone.

Biofeedback accelerates growth in emotional intelligence.  Inherent wisdom emerges when it can, when there is less interference. 

That is really what biofeedback really does.  Biofeedback shows you exactly how to get out of the way and get in sync.  A biofeedback display, shows you, being you.  Only good comes from selecting an important process to feedback with precision instruments.  Learning congruence lets health and natural wisdom emerge.  This best within you can then resonate throughout the realms of your life and radiate positivity.  

Web link: http://www.angelfire.com/md3/wholelife/HeartRhythmsandHRV.htm

Heart Rhythms and Heart Rate Variability (HRV).  Detailed explanations with illustrations and scientific sources.   Includes Mental and Emotional Coherence; HRV and Psychological Problems; Emotional Memory; References.  

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