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Improve your Mind with Brain Training.

Improve Your Mind
with Brain Training

Toning and conditioning to enhance the mind-body core.

Training in mental self-regulation will make you a more skillful operator of your Central Nervous System.


> Feel calm and sharp

> Reduce nervousness and reactivity

> Increase IQ and intuition

> Enhance concentration, creativity, problem solving

> Boost emotional intelligence

> Shed mind-body annoyances

> Enrich quality of sleep

> Improve mental, emotional and physical performance.


Gary Ames

28 Rock Hill Road
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

600 Germantown Pike
Lafayette Hill, PA

(610) 668-3223


Brainwave Biofeedback

Safe, Natural, Non-invasive.

By watching your brainwaves you learn self-awareness and exercise self-control. This information, enables you to better self-regulate your own mind-body states.

Like physical exercise, biofeedback and neurofeedback improves the functioning of your entire system. You feel calm and sharp. Side benefits may include better sleep, mood, and alertness.

Fitness Training for the Central Nervous System

Neurofeedback exercises the mind so that it works better. It tends to settle things down, clear channels and facilitate psychophysiological transitions. You function with expanded capacity.

Resilience and Flexibility

Resilient Hardy stamina, centered, buoyant. Efficient.

Flexibility Adapt, improvise with creativity, sparkle. Effective.

Greater neural efficiency and effectiveness is naturally preferred. Better self-regulation becomes automatic. New self-empowerment is maintained without effort.


Ample Proof on Google

Thousands of scientific studies and reports on biofeedback show diverse benefits:

>  Decreased Anxiety, Migraines

>  Improved Attention, IQ

>  Enhanced Performance in Sports, Business, the Arts and Military.

Performance Enhancement

The best and brightest become better and brighter with neurofeedback. Strong scientific evidence is the 17% improvement in talented musical performers. Google: Zoning in, Motivating the Musical Mind.


Prove any claim to yourself on www.google.com. First, ask yourself: How much evidence do I need to take the next step?

Use either EEG, biofeedback, or neurofeedback plus any term of interest (ADHD) or any limiting terms (research). For scientific hits, try the terms method subjects results. For graphics, add QEEG or topographic for color brain maps showing brain wave intensities.

For example, ADHD has a large body of compelling research on neurofeedback. Google: EEG ADHD. Add Lubar or Monastra to see the work of prolific researchers.


Gary Ames (610) 668-3223

Gary has degrees in psychology from San Francisco State Univ. and an MBA from Temple Univ. After teaching psychology and business at colleges and universities, most of Garys career was advising managers and professionals as a Job Campaign Manager and Executive Coach. See QuickJobSearch.com.

He is certified in the NeuroCARE Pro approach to EEG neurofeedback and studied infrared neurofeedback. He is active in the Assoc. for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.
See more detail at AlertFocus.com.


Training sessions may last 20 to 80 minutes and occur 1 to 3 times a week. Just a few sessions, or a few dozen sessions will yield most of the benefits you will derive from neurofeedback. Booster sessions are optional.


Look at yourself > Feel what you are doing > Gain empowerment.

Greater self-awareness and self-control means more skillful self-regulation of mental and emotional states. I use bio-monitors to provide you with useful bio-information. You acquire mastery.

Using neurofeedback technology to optimize your central nervous system is a pleasant and interesting experience with cumulative and enduring benefits.

Infrared Neurofeedback

We all radiate heat. You can learn to raise your hand temperature while holding a thermometer. By monitoring the infrared glow coming from your forehead, you can increase the neuro-cellular activity in your frontal cortex.

This develops inhibitory functions the brakes work better. More skillful inhibition slows down unwanted moods, distractions, and mental chatter.

Brainwave Neurofeedback

You relax in a chair with sensors on your head. A sophisticated computer monitors your readings and provides you with visual and musical feedback.

You just listen to music and watch an image. When some part of your mind is wasting energy, the music and image pause for a moment. Then it plays again as you find a more efficient pattern. I set the levels so it plays most of time.

This gentle guiding is utterly calming. This feedback is like saying warmer and colder a dozen times a minute. The play/pause contrast allows you to quiet micro agitations while sharpening your capacity to respond.

The formerly wasted energy is used for centered mental-emotional stability. You sparkle with adaptive flexibility in all that you do. You become more calm yet effervescent in the moment. Life becomes less annoying and more delightful.

Quiets and Strengthens Body, Mind and Spirit

Generic performance enhancement can be obtained with physical fitness, good nutrition, and better sleep. Central nervous system fitness can also improve all aspects of your life. Anyone can boost their capacity for excellence by cleaning up and tuning up the engine of experience and response.

Technically Speaking

NeuroCARE Pro (www.zengar.com) is neurofeedback training software for comprehensive adaptive renormalization of EEG. The software displays and trains brainwaves from .01 - 62 Hz in both hemispheres. Each session reduces variability of EEG amplitude targets in 16 frequency ranges.

This approach to central nervous system (CNS) functional transformation uses biofeedback as a non-linear dynamical process control procedure. The theory is that synchronization through chaos will dissipate CNS attractors and promote self-optimization.

Optimal functioning means that a resilient and flexible system will clearly apprehend the present without blinders and respond to situations with full access to current potential.


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Copyright 2004, Gary Ames
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